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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

~ Henry Ward Beecher


BA, Fine Arts (Ceramics)

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  (RMIT)

Diploma in Fine Art (Painting)

Hong Kong Arts Center

Ceramics Artist

Grace is a painter, an graphic designer, and she is also a clay-manic, she likes to study the characteristic of all forms of clay materials. Grace finds excelling hand building techniques being the most challenging. There is never a standard formula in building the flawless clay art. From experience to experiment, you must find the perfect balance in glaze formula, as well as fire temperature. Most of all, everything must be under control in all stages.

The unpredictability and extensible of glazing and vitrification also aroused Grace’s interest most. The whole transformation process seems quietly under-going inside the kiln. In fact, different level of chemical reaction and material resonance is happening in every single second, altering the object’s form and outlook. This is the reason why each ceramic art is one of a kind.

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ANN Hin-ka, DAN

BA, Fine Arts (Painting)

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  (RMIT)

Mix-Media Artist

Ann sees Mix-Media as her principal medium, she is concerned about everything in relation to life and death. Ann's creations will also focus on exploring the topic of memory. As a mix-media artists, Ann always stretches out her creations with different mediums, adding more elements to her painting.


She has presented her works in several joint exhibitions in Hong Kong; namely the Cattle Depot (2012) and the White Tube at Hong Kong Art Center (2011). Besides an active artist, Ann is also an experienced exhibition helper. She has helped Ai Yamaguchi and Jayne Dyer to complete their exhibitions in Hong Kong. 


Ann has been working for 'Viewor' (, an Art Education web site, until 2013; and has helped setting up the “Petit Cottage” studio in 2013 at JCCAC. Ann is now a part time artist and a curator.


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BOY Kwan-ho,  YIU

Master of Visual Arts

Hong Kong Baptist University

Sculpture & Concept Artists

Boy is currently an artist assistant, targeting to gain art-related working experience. He earned his Bachelor of Art (Fine Arts) from the RMIT University (2010), major in sculpture, and later on gained his Master of Visual Arts from the Hong Kong Baptist University.


"My works is sculpture and concept base. All my artwork is associating with my personal experience and interest. I hope my artwork can catch audience's attention, relating with them and eventually incites them to make a change in their daily life." - Boy

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