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The growing background of a person influences his habits and the ways of thinking which forms different perspectives. 3 artists make a dialogue to each others to discuss their points of views. Later, they reached a consensus of the art work direction after several discussions. The relationship between the work and the space is closely linked to the artistic direction and the presentation of work by artists. Artwork, space, audiences, the relationship between the three stakeholders are related to each other and affecting the perception of the artwork.


The entire space was made up of tiles. The tiles in the site were metaphors for a person to revisit the past memory of oneself. The subtlety floral marking of each tile could be seen under the light which creating a looming visual effect. The work tries to show that even if the past has been forgotten, there are still traces can be found or implicitly reproduced. The thinking status of a person is always lined in between real and unreal, observing and resonating with his own memories. Every moment is a brand new start and re-positioning for ourselves in our lives.

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